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Month: April 2016

Straight shemale girls doing porn with Sarina Valentina and Bailey Jay

Straight shemale girls love to play away from home, especially when on a business trip. ‘The Tranny Pornstar’ shows us the fun the fun they have in a certain hotel and it’s been filmed by the award winning team, Shemale Idol. This hardcore episode stars Sarina Valentina and Bailey Jay.
Bailey-JayBailey Jay ( click here for her porn videos ) has just turned up in his hotel room. There is a letter waiting for him at his desk. It is from the concierge which tells him to ring him for anything he wants. The phone rings next to him and it’s the concierge asking him if there is anything at all he wants. (Persistent!) She says no, and then he is asked if he would like sex, it’s all free and comes with the room. (Direct!) Jay tells him no thanks, he is straight and he doesn’t need anything. The next minute he opens the door and the handsome concierge, Valentina, tries to persuade him to use him as he sees fit. (On heat?) Bailey sends him away, but then has second thoughts, and invites him into the room.
With Sarina in the bedroom she changes his mind again saying that he can’t do this. She undoes his tie and then persuades Jay that this exactly what he wants and after undoing Bailey’s tie, they kiss gently. Sarina ValentinaBailey’s body is on fire, he has never been to bed with a man and the feel of Sarina’s hard cock sliding over his through their pants makes his cock twitch in his pants. Valentina smiles at him and strips him naked showing off his muscular and ginger chest. She kisses his nipples and carries on going down as Jay lies on his back on the bed. A sigh of extreme pleasure escapes from Bailey’s lips as he feels hot breath over his cock and ball sack. She bends over and sucks his eight and a half inch dick in his mouth right down until he feels Bailey’s soft pubes scratching his nose.
They change positions and as she sucks on Sarina’s thick meaty cock, She puts the tie around Jay’s neck and pulls him forward with it, and makes suck harder and faster. She is between Valentina’s powerful thighs, and in one quick swift movement, he pushes She’s legs up, and over his chest. With his asshole directly in line with his cock, she thrusts his hips forward and fucks a guy’s ass for the first time in the missionary position. click here for more shemale pornstars

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Colby Jansen

Colby Jansen strip Dario naked and as the camera zooms in for a close up, we see Dario’s cock disappearing inch by inch into Colby’s experienced mouth. He sucks on his cock and then they both lie down and suck on each other’s cocks at the same time in the sixty nine position.
Dario gets on his back as Colby pushes his knees up to his shoulder and slurps at Dario’s musky asshole. Dario groans out with sheer excitement as he feels Colby’s invading tongue licking every bit of his wanton crack until it spills over with his saliva. Dario then gets on to his hands and knees, (just what Colby loves,) and clenches his eyes closed as he feels Colby’s thick dick rip into his ass right up to his balls. Colby grips onto Dario’s shoulders and thrusts his hips hard into Dario which makes them both growl out loud as Dario Beck’s ass clamps tighter than a glove around his cock. They fuck all over the ruck and after Dario rides on top for a while, he splashes his creamy hot cum onto the floor behind him as Colby continues fucking him. Colby Jansen stands up after jerking quickly on his thumping cock, he cries out as his jizz squirts over, and down Dario’s sweaty hairy chest.