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Month: September 2016

Sexy gay porn star Johnny rapid in a hardcore episode

This adult gay porn site film Johnny Rapid (an exclusive star to the paysite) for this great gay hardcore episode that is shown by ‘Drill My Hole.’ In it, we see what happens when he takes leave from his str8 boyfriend, and what happens when he meets a sexy Cuban man, Colby Jansen, who doesn’t speak any English.
Johnny Rapid is sitting at a desk in his hotel room. He has taken a break from his untidy boyfriend and needs some time away to think. His boyfriend chats to him on the internet asking him to come back, and that he and the dogs are really missing him. Johnny doesn’t look that interested when there is a knock at the door. It’s time for sex with a good looking rent boy, proving that Johnny still has some wild oats to sow.
Colby Jansen stands there in the doorway looking tanned and sexy, a hot Cuban, to do with Johnny as he wishes. But he doesn’t speak any English which is a big turn on for Johnny. Johnny sits down on a chair as he invites this horny Cuban into is room. His mouth salivates at what is about to happen between then both. He asks Colby what he wants to do.
Colby stands up holding his obvious hard-on in his pants and speaks Spanish to Johnny. Johnny smiles back up at him. He can’t wait to taste his dick, so without waiting any longer, he undoes Colby’s pants, and takes out his eight inch dick which is already rock hard and standing up to attention. Johnny takes his thick dick into his mouth and begins to suck and lick it up and down. Colby carries on speaking to him which turns Johnny on even more. Colby pushes Johnny’s head down even further and Johnny manages to deep throat him all the way to his dark soft pubes as he face fucks Johnny’s mouth at the same time.

Johnny strips naked and sits on the desk as Colby gets down on his knees and sucks on his aching hard dick and big ball sack. His cock ends up soaking wet and dripping with Colby’s spit when he gets up and balances himself over two desks. One is at his feet, the other is under his hands, and the rest of his lean smooth body is in mid- air waiting for Colby. Johnny is soon moaning and groaning with extreme excitement as Colby fucks him asshole with his tongue which darts in and out of it like a snake. Johnny gets even more excited as Colby smacks his ass in between licking his tight ring piece.
johnny rapid
With Johnny’s body still in mid- air, Colby climbs on top of him and makes Johnny squeal like a girl as he fucks him hard and fast. Johnny can’t stop from shouting out in pure ecstasy as Colby carries on fucking him hard, even when they change position after position Colby doesn’t give up slamming his cock into that tight asshole.
Johnny Rapid gets on top of Colby’s cock and rides his homosexual cock until his cock throbs dangerously in his hand. He cries out as his cum shoots up, and then back down on to his thigh, and the floor below them. Colby Jansen stands up in front of Johnny and jerks his cock a couple of times and Johnny watches as Colby’s Cuban Jizz spills out and splatters over his exhausted, but happy body.

The Gay Porn stars from Drill My Hole

Colby Jansen is Cuban with a hairy top with a tanned muscular body. He has a very handsome face with a head of brown hair and sultry brown eyes. He is a top with an eight inch uncut dick and he is five feet eight inches tall. He has starred in five hardcore movies for, and his most viewed movie is ‘My Pretend Boyfriend’ which was seen by over 28,000 of us horny men.
Johnny Rapid who is an exclusive star to, must be one of the most famous porn star in the world today. He has starred in 155 hardcore movies for so far, and he is the main star in this awesome series. Johnny is slightly built with a sweet young body and a seven and a half inch cut dick. He has brown hair, brown eyes and is five feet six inches tall. See more gay porn stars at malegalaxy – click here

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